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Interview extracts and images from the first year of the talking dramaturgy research project. Includes contributions from Alex Bird (Tortoise in a Nutshell), Rosie Kellagher (National Theatre of Scotland) and Luke Pell. Editorial by Paul Hughes.

Black risograph print with yellow card cover.
137 x 194mm, 44pp

Edition of 150
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Full contents:

Interviews - Gareth Vile, Luke Pell, Anselm Heinrich, Alex Bird, Nelly Kelly, Ali-Anderson Dyer, Michael John O’Neill, Glenys McIntyre, Martin O’Connor, Lauren Moss, Will Naameh, Flavia D’Avila, Elliot Roberts, Shilpa T-Hyland, Rosie Kellagher, Alan McKendrick and Fiona Sturgeon Shea.

Editorial - Paul Hughes

Author's Note - Andy Edwards

Images - Glenys McIntyre, Shilpa T-Hyland, Ali-Anderson Dyer, Paul Hughes, Kitty Fedorec, Mihaela Bodlovic and Spontaneous Combustion.

Cover design - Cairan McLaggan

Printed with Footprint Workers Co-operative. August 2017.